Dear lovely mystics, 

Today is a great day to reflect on yesterday and to sit with and absorb the messages that come up or come down. 

What did we feel yesterday? What was our state of mind, heart and soul? How does it reflect what we feel and how we move today? 

The day is made even more potent when considering that it’s also “El Día de los Muertos.” We reflect on loved ones who crossed over and the message(s) they carried for us while they were in flesh. Today we carry on the honoring of them from yesterday.


From your lovely and divine MystiQElle


The Rinse

At a point in my mental thrashing of you, I realized that the rain was pouring and that you were walking, caught up in it. 

I felt no sympathy. 

I silently praised the rain for drenching you. For turning your body as cold as my heart.

Yes, my warmth left me. But it didn’t go to you. And it has yet to return to me.

When you came back still happy as you always are, I wondered… 

Could I have used a rinse in the rain?

But the rain is no more. The sky silent and gray.