The rebirth of curiosity

Each day my 1 year old shows me how curiosity is more important than consequence. Does no really mean no

I might tell her “no” or “stop,” regarding something she shouldn’t be doing, maybe a dozen times or so. And at times I might even be forced to tap her hand somewhere around the third reprimand.

But many a times I can see the curiosity in her nature driving her more than some limitation and consequence I’ve set in place. And then she’ll push forward her desire to explore so swiftly that I barely have time to stop her.

“I must do this. I just have to.” 

I can almost see that written in her facial expression and feel it in her energy.

These little people show us time and again the personal freedoms we’ve given up or stowed away deep in the cellar of our being. 

Many of us have given up our curious nature as we’ve grown older. Maybe we think that curiosity is for kids or that we’ve learned and explored all that we need to at a point. Honestly, I don’t know too many curious souls. The ones excited and persistent about trying and exploring the new, the unknown. 

Consequence (and “limitation”) kills the curiosity…

And what a sad way to live.

I thank my daughter for bringing forth this truth through actions that I would have otherwise found aggravating.

Say yes to curiosity, always. Allow children to rebirth this in your nature. 


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